Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

SunnaSmile is an LED-activated teeth-whitening system. Its advanced formula was designed to provide maximum oral health benefits while whitening. It combines 9 ingredients that have all been carefully formulated to safely and effectively whiten, heal oral tissue, neutralize harmful bacteria and remineralize teeth. The enamel-safe, active whitening ingredients in SunnaSmile include a gentle combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide and Xylitol, as well as naturally compounded ingredients that increase whitening, reduce sensitivity, remineralize teeth and heal oral tissue.


This will be a back to back the same day 2 session for $150 with up to 5x shade whiter depending on your teeth!

Achieve an average of 3 tooth shades whiter!

The SunnaSmile Difference

Natural Ingredients

Pain free

Enamel Safe

Removes stains

Removes plaque

Fights bacteria and gingivitis

Tooth Friendly Xylitol

LED-activated teeth-whitening system. Its advanced formula was developed over five years of extensive research and designed to provide maximum oral health benefits while whitening. It’s proven to be effective, enamel-safe, low-sensitivity, and a convenient option available for in-studio.

Calcium Lactate Re-mineralizes (Not milk derived)
Potassium Citrate Reduces sensitivity
Aloe Soothes irritation
Neem Heals gum and prevent plaque
Zinc Prevents plaque buildup
Hydrogen Peroxide For bleaching, oxidization, and disinfecting
Carbamide Peroxide Whiten teeth
Xylitol Hydrates mouth

The Process

1. We will determine what teeth shade you have right before your in-studio teeth whitening treatment. Afterwards we will do the same.

2. The SunnaSmile gel absorbs the LED light energy, which photo-chemically “excites” the peroxide molecules into breaking down faster. It provides “activating energy” that speeds up and improves the performance of whitening.

3. The SunnaSmile LED light activates the professional whitening gel upon contact to provide visible results in just 20 minutes.

4. The SunnaSmile in-studio treatment formula is slightly more potent than the at-home kit, removing years of built up stains and discoloration in just 15 minutes.

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