Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

The end of my year was not the greatest, I lost the first man that I ever loved, my dad….It will be 3 weeks this upcoming Tuesday and I still feel like I have not woken from a bad dream. “It will get better” they say ..no comment on that word of encouragement!

I will say this, I know my dad would want me to continue doing what I was doing.

So, with that being said, I wanted to let you know that this year I will be concentrating on my existing clientele. From making sure you are using the best products for your tan, to making sure we adjust your customized color if need be.

I am looking forward to traveling for Perfect Glow Sunless this year, and to continually represent this company in the highest regard.

The Wishful Wedding Showcase was a huge hit this year and I cannot thank Traxx enough for continually inviting me to your events. These brides are worth every dollar you put in! Such a great group of ladies :)

I wish you all much success and happiness this year and look forward to tanning you!

Stay tuned to my monthly blogs regarding what Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning is up to 😍

The Wishful Wedding Showcase

The Wishful Wedding Showcase

Perfect products for you tan maintenance

Perfect products for you tan maintenance

Texas Group Training with Perfect Glow Sunless ✨

So training is one of my favorite things…I love teaching a bunch of enthused ladies about the sunless industry. We have welcomed a new trainer onboard and she was just amazing.

I think I talk alot about how doing what you love is so important. We get this one shot ….(or if we are lucky, we might get another;) at doing ”your thing”. Working for someone else, specifically the doctors that I have worked for here on the Treasure Coast, taught me integrity, taught me patience, I feel grateful that I had those opportunities. Not sure I could run my business the way that I do had I not gained the knowledge that I did working for them. So, thank you…..

Here we are in Dallas, letting these ladies 🌟 shine!

It was so nice to meet all of them and watch how excited they were for their new paths. I will be right here waiting and watching 👀

Good luck on your new journeys 🙌🏽


Long Island and the family ❤️

My visits to Long Island, will always be HOME.

I grew up here, graduated here, and my very best people live here. I remember when it was a lovely beach town in my very much younger years. I will certainly say it is not the same in that aspect, but the people that love me and that I love live there.

My very first tanning business was based here. Wish I knew then what I know now…but don’t we all?

I get to sit by my parents and listen to the TV (that I am sure the neighbors hear down the block) while they decide if it is to hot or too cold. Watching your parents grow old together is sometimes a wonderful thing, and maybe some days it isn’t, but we have to take the good with the bad everyday, in all kinds of situations.

I have learned to cherish my family, and I say that with a big old exclamation point, LEARNED.

We might not be perfect, but we love each other.

For the winter months, I will skip out on those visits in hopes they all head my way to stay warm and so I can spend one on one time with them.

Enjoy the leaves turning and those incredible fall days Long Island!! And BTW, Long Island seafood is THE BEST!!



Hudson River and the family❤️

This is such a beautiful place….

If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, then come by and sit by the Hudson.

Quaint towns with fine dining, love it all!! I am blessed enough that my family lives here and I get to visit this gorgeous place. I always look for places that make me feel good, inspired and that is where I feel I can do my best goal setting.

My dad and I enjoyed late breakfasts and naps. It was so nice to be together. I love walking the beautiful streets of Rhinebeck and taking in all eclectic shops. Never mind that I am a “foodie” at heart and love all the creative dishes, likely inspired by the chefs from the Culinary Institute of America, YOU GOTTA SEE AND TASTE IT!!!

From porch parties, to beautiful spas…rolling hills and sporadic creeks….I love the this part of NY!!



Traveling ✈️

You know, I have these crazy mixed up feelings when I travel, the battle with myself is not commendable, at all. But as with everything else, I am working on this. Packing gets me completely insane and the lists are endless. Again, I am getting so much better….

The airport anticipation, fumbling for my license 6x to make sure its there, AHHHHHHH! Wait, dont forget to take a picture of where you park, what level and letter. Watching all the other anxious people stand closest to the gate because they are under the assumption that it will get them boarded faster.

Its chaos, and what I have discovered is, I do not enjoy chaos. Period.

Getting on that plane, sitting in the seat feels like an accomplishment, am I right?

I do find peace when I get to my destination, and say to myself “that wasnt so bad, was it?” till the next departure, lol!

There is a part of me that is completely satisfied when I travel too…I love the independence, I love what my ultimate purpose is whether it is to see my family or teaching/training.

I am definitely working on the perfect balance….

Right now I am visiting my family right near the Hudson River in New York, enjoying a nice break from the hot sauna of the Florida air.

Do things you love, even if you dont love everything about “the plan”….



Sundays 💤

Its not that often that I sit still…. I just am not that type. I want to sink my brain into anything that I can…cook anything that I have not mastered before…start a craft and finish it in 30 minutes, read a short book, listen to a podcast (my husband I do this together).

I have decided that I am just going to go with that, and stop trying to fight it. BUT, I will say this, I have learned to listen to my body. If I need to rest, I will. I won’t just keep going because that is what I used to do before “BURNOUT” happened.

I never even knew, I was happy. My body was not.

I made changes, personally and business wise. Everyday I try and stick to being a better version of what I was yesterday. It’s that simple. Embrace your authentic self, you won’t believe how you feel. Clarity and remaining focused are imperative to personal and physical growth, IMPERATIVE!

Organize your tasks, do your meal prep, drink lots of water, make someone feel important, and finally, keep a list of everything you are grateful for today.

My Sundays consist of the only day that I have with my husband, my family, my fur babies, meal prep, pool/beach/boat time. I love making candles and rainy season is perfect for this. I love to walk in the park with my dogs, and live my life with gratitude. I am ready to be my authentic self….



September has been such a ride!

I want to say this…and I really mean it! SELF CARE is just one of the most courteous things you can do for yourself. It is way more important than you think.

This year has been so amazing for me, and a little setback. I feel like I have learned so much, and everyday I just learn MORE and more. Being able to wake up in the morning is just so beautiful….

Soooooo, I have had many different “circles” in my life, and as we all know, someday those circles get super tiny. Nevermind the whys…the how come…it just happens. Ton of personal growth going on this year and I wanted to be able to share it. Not just with anyone, with people that are meaningful in my life.

My High School best friends decided they were going to head my way. Check on me a bit. Completely flattering because one NEVER flies 😳

Not going to drag this out…WELL NEEDED, should be done way more often and I cannot wait for next year.

Missed my ladies and heres a peek at a little fun that we had :)


At Hutchinson Shores Resort 5🌟

At Hutchinson Shores Resort 5🌟

Cheers to friendship, love, and 20 more trips!

Cheers to friendship, love, and 20 more trips!



HGTV Magazine September 2018


Soooo…this happened! Sitting home at my desk on a Saturday afternoon in February receive an email from one of the lovely editors at HGTV, took me a minute, because like all of you, I watch the show, but did not think a magazine existed 😳.

After many emails, and proof reading, this was published in September 2018, The Makeover Issue.

To say that I was happy, does not even explain how I felt. Not even sure I can….but I knew it made more credible as an educator for Perfect Glow Sunless, a leader in the tanning industry.

From here, I will continue to work with HGTV Magazine a few times a year. And I could not be any more thankful….

Thanks for reading✨