Know your craft!

I find that most clients have so much more confidence in receiving a service from me because I genuinely care and KNOW what I am speaking about…

People respect when you have taken the time to educate yourself. You are the professional. If you are not in it to win it, come on out! Half in never works. Not doing your full homework can affect your business greatly and your clientele will be next to none.

As a spray tanning artist, I stay up to date on all the “latest trends” in the sunless industry . I am also an educator for Perfect Glow Sunless, a leader in the sunless industry. I take tremendous pride in teaching, its not just a “training” for me. Having enthusiastic students makes it even better! Come on here to FL and take a vaca ✈️ while you learn a trade.

Here are a few tips on starting a brand new career :

1. Know yourself and build on your interests. 
As a young girl, I always knew that I would have a career in the beauty industry. I liked going to salons and enjoyed touching and admiring all the beautiful products. I knew within myself that this would be my journey. Knowing myself guided me to the exciting path in this industry.

2. Pursue education that builds upon your strengths. 
I found a school that could shape my career in the beauty business at a very young age of 16 while I was still in high school. I knew that the way I could prepare myself for working in the beauty field was to go to and start learning from professionals in the industry and practice, practice, practice… that was progressive.

3. Launch your career in an area that you like. 
If working is fun and enjoyable, you will be successful. If you don’t like what you are doing, you are doomed to failure. Without passion there is no drive behind what you do. I wake up every morning and always thankful that my passion is also my means of living.

4. Continue life-long learning. 
Because this industry is always changing, trends are evolving , stay focused!

These four points have helped me in my professional career and in life and I hope they can help you as well.