It is officially FALL 🍂

Get ready if this is your busy season!! 

One of the first steps I would take is to review busy season last year, (and possibly the one before that) and see what you could have done differently to increase your sales and set some sales goals. Understand the seasons in your business and focus on the heavier times to possibly get you through some of the slower. 

Focus on what you do best and improve where you might be weak. Learn something new everyday! 

Manage your inventory and shipping cost to reduce delays during the holidays. 

Brush up that website, fix links or bugs, clean up that outdated website!  Make sure you have enough marketing material that are up to date with all of your current service/services.

Start spreading the word early and be consistent! Maybe even do a press release. Create events, you could even team up with some other vendors, we all have clients that love to shop and I have found that near holiday time was perfect. Design a beautiful FALL basket and have your clients share your page and talk about you as part of a chance to win. Holidays are also a perfect time to make a first impression on new clients. 

Word mouth is is EVERYTHING in the social media world these days, make sure your posts are created for your target audience. You might even find that auto post app and use it so you can focus on getting more clients and making your existing ones even happier!

Get rid of old inventory, and bring in the FRESH! Clients absolutely notice if that same old bottle has been sitting on the shelf, shine it all up! Change your retail area for a fresher look. 

If you have staff, have a meeting and review the feedback they provide, their ideas might shed some light for areas that need to be improved. If you are a busy salon, you might consider hiring some season staff, especially if you are anticipating growth in your business. 

We have been talking about self care, so make sure you schedule the time that you need for you or your family and put it in your schedule. It is necessary! THIS is just as important as keeping clients. Your clients love the best version of you ;) 

This is your time to shine! Plan ahead and have a clear strategy.  

Hope you have had an amazing summer and we are looking forward to busy season with you.