Sundays 💤

Its not that often that I sit still…. I just am not that type. I want to sink my brain into anything that I can…cook anything that I have not mastered before…start a craft and finish it in 30 minutes, read a short book, listen to a podcast (my husband I do this together).

I have decided that I am just going to go with that, and stop trying to fight it. BUT, I will say this, I have learned to listen to my body. If I need to rest, I will. I won’t just keep going because that is what I used to do before “BURNOUT” happened.

I never even knew, I was happy. My body was not.

I made changes, personally and business wise. Everyday I try and stick to being a better version of what I was yesterday. It’s that simple. Embrace your authentic self, you won’t believe how you feel. Clarity and remaining focused are imperative to personal and physical growth, IMPERATIVE!

Organize your tasks, do your meal prep, drink lots of water, make someone feel important, and finally, keep a list of everything you are grateful for today.

My Sundays consist of the only day that I have with my husband, my family, my fur babies, meal prep, pool/beach/boat time. I love making candles and rainy season is perfect for this. I love to walk in the park with my dogs, and live my life with gratitude. I am ready to be my authentic self….