Traveling ✈️

You know, I have these crazy mixed up feelings when I travel, the battle with myself is not commendable, at all. But as with everything else, I am working on this. Packing gets me completely insane and the lists are endless. Again, I am getting so much better….

The airport anticipation, fumbling for my license 6x to make sure its there, AHHHHHHH! Wait, dont forget to take a picture of where you park, what level and letter. Watching all the other anxious people stand closest to the gate because they are under the assumption that it will get them boarded faster.

Its chaos, and what I have discovered is, I do not enjoy chaos. Period.

Getting on that plane, sitting in the seat feels like an accomplishment, am I right?

I do find peace when I get to my destination, and say to myself “that wasnt so bad, was it?” till the next departure, lol!

There is a part of me that is completely satisfied when I travel too…I love the independence, I love what my ultimate purpose is whether it is to see my family or teaching/training.

I am definitely working on the perfect balance….

Right now I am visiting my family right near the Hudson River in New York, enjoying a nice break from the hot sauna of the Florida air.

Do things you love, even if you dont love everything about “the plan”….