It is officially FALL 🍂

Get ready if this is your busy season!! 

One of the first steps I would take is to review busy season last year, (and possibly the one before that) and see what you could have done differently to increase your sales and set some sales goals. Understand the seasons in your business and focus on the heavier times to possibly get you through some of the slower. 

Focus on what you do best and improve where you might be weak. Learn something new everyday! 

Manage your inventory and shipping cost to reduce delays during the holidays. 

Brush up that website, fix links or bugs, clean up that outdated website!  Make sure you have enough marketing material that are up to date with all of your current service/services.

Start spreading the word early and be consistent! Maybe even do a press release. Create events, you could even team up with some other vendors, we all have clients that love to shop and I have found that near holiday time was perfect. Design a beautiful FALL basket and have your clients share your page and talk about you as part of a chance to win. Holidays are also a perfect time to make a first impression on new clients. 

Word mouth is is EVERYTHING in the social media world these days, make sure your posts are created for your target audience. You might even find that auto post app and use it so you can focus on getting more clients and making your existing ones even happier!

Get rid of old inventory, and bring in the FRESH! Clients absolutely notice if that same old bottle has been sitting on the shelf, shine it all up! Change your retail area for a fresher look. 

If you have staff, have a meeting and review the feedback they provide, their ideas might shed some light for areas that need to be improved. If you are a busy salon, you might consider hiring some season staff, especially if you are anticipating growth in your business. 

We have been talking about self care, so make sure you schedule the time that you need for you or your family and put it in your schedule. It is necessary! THIS is just as important as keeping clients. Your clients love the best version of you ;) 

This is your time to shine! Plan ahead and have a clear strategy.  

Hope you have had an amazing summer and we are looking forward to busy season with you. 


I taught a class here this weekend for Perfect Glow Sunless. It was not the typical class as there were mostly spray tanners that were offering the service already attending.

How nice it was to interact with these ladies and gentleman and do some “REAL TALK” about spray tanning. I find it amazing how everyones season is a bit different.

Speaking of season- Healthy Glow is taking some time this summer for some refreshing my business model for the busy upcoming season. End of July to mid august is our time to do that.

Hope that you are all enjoying your summer!

Susan xo


Lets enjoy this beautiful space!!

THIS was definitely the part I was so super stoked about …being able to accommodate larger size parties in a very cool, elegant fashion!

My first party was with some of my faves …..and I am so excited to be able to offer this space up for you and your friends.






From mimosas to wine and cheese, lets do it! Or even specialty coffees, that Keurig is ready! (not really but the corkscrew is lol) whatever you want, we will do it. Bring your guests, get bronzed and protect the skin your in :)

Big shout outs to my clients for all the compliments and all the nice things you have said about me. I appreciate all the beautiful gifts and well wishes, this space is truly beautiful and I can’t wait for you to see it!

Contour tans are in full effect, teeth whitening has taken the lead and I have special pricing for my regular clients!

Looking forward to seeing you




A little obsessed....

The time has come!! It’s here….my first location here on the Treasure Coast!

I have to say, this is another thing I kind of wish I had done a bit sooner, but hey, its here and I am grateful.

Healthy Glow is still by appointment only, not a walk in salon. However, if I am there, and not busy, I am happy to get that bronze on you! Offering teeth whitening and bronzing services for my guests.

This space is also my office as the Senior Account Manager/Customer Success Manager and educator for Perfect Glow Sunless, a leader in the tanning industry and a job that I don’t even call a “job” because it is something that I am 100% passionate about and LOVE WHAT I DO (think that should be my logo!)

If you haven’t experienced a customized airbrush tan, come see me!

Check out my reviews to ease your mind into the world of sunless spray tans and let me customize your beautiful color!



I take airbrush tanning, teaching, pretty seriously.

Knowing the products that you work with is imperative to being a credible sunless tanning artist. Product knowledge is an essential sales skill. Understanding your products' features allows you to present their benefits accurately.

Customers respond to enthusiastic people who are passionate about their products and eager to share the benefits with them.

Seriously, building your business requires patience, and lots of knowledge…..I waited a few years before I became a busy entrepreneur. I did not give this business 100% of me in the beginning. But if I had, I am sure my results would be the same, booked and busy.

No matter what business you are in, write a business plan and stick to it. Even if you are taking baby steps towards your goal, STICK TO THE PLAN!


Make that TAN last even longer!!

Using the right products to keep your tan lasting longer is highly suggested! I carry everything you need right here.

Body Wash-Derived from natural and organic based ingredients, our body wash is a must have to help extend your sunless tan! Works to gently clean your skin without stripping the natural oils. Our Fresh Mojito signature scent is amazing!

Body Lotion-Treat your skin with our luxury body lotion. Infused with natural and organic based ingredients to give you soft skin, help combat dryness, eczema and lock in moisture. This light weight formula absorbs into the skin without any sticky feel and gives you up to 12 hours of hydration! 

Tan Extender-Our Tan Extender (step 4) is infused with DHA to prolong the sunless tan. This non greasy lotion is formulated with an amazing skin moisture complex to extend the color and delay the exfoliation process!This lotion is not tinted and will provide up to 12 hours of hydration! A HUGE salon favorite.

All products are derived from natural and organic based ingredients & Infused with top quality botanicals to hydrate and nurture the skin such as:

  • Pure Coconut, Oil

  • Moroccan Argan Oil

  • Almond and Jojoba Seed oils.

  • Chock full of anti-oxidants such as Marine and Mango extracts. 

100% Vegan and Cruelty free through PETA


Baltimore Training

I have never been to Baltimore, I don’t think 🤔

What a pretty little town! Love watching other business women thrive in their businesses.

Trained with a new addition to our Perfect Glow Sunless group, Lindsay Shields, owner of No Filter Glam.

We had a full house and people were still looking to sign up the last 2 days. These attendees were enthusiastic and happy to be at the class. We had an abundance of of models, very thankful!

Keeping students on the right path is part of my job as the customer success manager and educator for Perfect Glow. We want to watch everyone grow!!


Know your craft!

I find that most clients have so much more confidence in receiving a service from me because I genuinely care and KNOW what I am speaking about…

People respect when you have taken the time to educate yourself. You are the professional. If you are not in it to win it, come on out! Half in never works. Not doing your full homework can affect your business greatly and your clientele will be next to none.

As a spray tanning artist, I stay up to date on all the “latest trends” in the sunless industry . I am also an educator for Perfect Glow Sunless, a leader in the sunless industry. I take tremendous pride in teaching, its not just a “training” for me. Having enthusiastic students makes it even better! Come on here to FL and take a vaca ✈️ while you learn a trade.

Here are a few tips on starting a brand new career :

1. Know yourself and build on your interests. 
As a young girl, I always knew that I would have a career in the beauty industry. I liked going to salons and enjoyed touching and admiring all the beautiful products. I knew within myself that this would be my journey. Knowing myself guided me to the exciting path in this industry.

2. Pursue education that builds upon your strengths. 
I found a school that could shape my career in the beauty business at a very young age of 16 while I was still in high school. I knew that the way I could prepare myself for working in the beauty field was to go to and start learning from professionals in the industry and practice, practice, practice… that was progressive.

3. Launch your career in an area that you like. 
If working is fun and enjoyable, you will be successful. If you don’t like what you are doing, you are doomed to failure. Without passion there is no drive behind what you do. I wake up every morning and always thankful that my passion is also my means of living.

4. Continue life-long learning. 
Because this industry is always changing, trends are evolving , stay focused!

These four points have helped me in my professional career and in life and I hope they can help you as well.